About Us

NATURE TRADERS is a pathfinder in making this planet eco-friendly by manufacturing/selling Palm/Areca leaf plates and bowls and distributing 100% Natural Cold Pressed Cooking/Edible Oils

Unlike plastic products that spoil earth, we have found a solution to safeguard the atmosphere by producing the disposable plates that degrade very soon leaving no pollution. These are the finest eco-friendly plates on the earth that are manufactured from 100% natural and unique materials that are obtained in the most natural way.

Natural Cold Pressed Cooking Oil:

Our Virgin Cold-Pressed Oil offerings are
- Made from finest quality raw materials
- Extracted using traditional cold-pressed methods
- 100% Natural, No chemicals used for extraction
Our cold pressed oil retains the natural purity and offers authentic taste. The thickness and stickiness of our oil is unmatched, which is an indicator to identify the quality of any oil.

Eco-friendly palm leaf products:

These palm leaf (also called Areca, Kamuhu etc.) plates and bowls are made from the naturally fallen leaves of palm/areca trees that grow in moderate temperatures. These leaves were considered to be wastes before a couple of decades and were thrown away. But we have found a way to make art from waste by making beautiful plates, soup bowls and cutleries out of them. They are manufactured/sold in India and exported worldwide.

Unique Properties

  • BIODEGRADABILITY - Naturally degrades (in soil) in less than 60 days after the products are disposed
  • COMPOSTABILITY - Areca products will breakdown and act as fertilizer after disposal
  • RAW MATERIAL SOURCE - Renewable source. Products are made from fallen dry leaves which otherwise is wasted
  • THERMAL RESISTANCE - Do not transfer heat & maintains shape. Can hold heat & cold liquids
  • MICROWAVE / OVEN USAGE - Can be used to microwave foods. Also safe for oven cooking to certain temp.

Palm leaf plates are made to be used in different occasions as below:

  • Wedding Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Baby Shower Party
  • House Warming Party
  • Anniversary Party
  • Company Picnic
  • Temple Incarnation
  • Lunch To-go Box
  • Pizza Serving Plates
  • Outdoor picnic plates