Process of Products

Process of Products


Products are made from naturally fallen leaves of ARECA PALM TREE. Fallen leaves are collected, high pressure washed, dried, compressed and then sterilized to produce an eco-friendly, elegant PREMIUM dinnerware. As each leaf is a unique creation from nature, their colors vary from whites and pearls to light beiges, browns with natural grains and silver strains running through them. Available in an assortment of shapes and sizes to suit all your food serving needs, their beauty will lend style and grace to any table or buffet. GREENX products are derived from a natural source, slight variations in color and thickness occur as each one is different from every others.



Wood press is a treasure that our ancestors gifted us. The oil extracted out from wood press never gets heated up, which as a result gives us an oil which is nutritious. Thereby, the oil extracted out of wood press acts as an elixir for our life, and has taste, flavor and quality.

The market had been flooded with processed oils which were not healthy, contained preservatives and additives, moreover the oils were ripped off its natural flavor and taste ,they were simply bland. As a response to the situation Agaram foods have resolved to provide its customers with the purest of the pure oil, by relying on traditional methods of Chekku wooden cold press process. Chekko commits to its customers that its products will be produced using traditional methods , no preservatives or additives added and will retain the highest nutritional value that nature provides.

Chekko virgin cold pressed oils are extracted using the traditional wooden expeller or called chekku. Chekko uses wood of high medicinal value in the expeller. This traditional process of oil extraction ensures that the oil retains all its properties and nutrients rather than getting refined out.

The process ensures there is no need for preservatives or additives which further makes the oil unhealthy. Chekko through its 100% pure traditional method gives 100% pure cold pressed oils.